Preparation vs. Perfection

Once a month we have a housekeeping service come to our home for a thorough cleaning. The day before, we spend an hour or more picking up around the house in preparation. My husband Andy and I have an ongoing debate about how much time to spend cleaning for the cleaner. I believe this time is well spent because it allows the cleaner to get to all the surfaces in our home and focus on the deeper cleaning that is needed. I feel the same way about my daily meditation practice.

When I make time for contemplation each day, I am clearer away some of the debris so that I don’t recycle thoughts and negative feelings throughout my day.

A daily practice also helps me more intentional and clearer in my communication with others. Yet I also am aware that at some point in my picking up for the cleaner, I begin to obsess about having the house in perfect condition – I am no longer preparing but am now attempting to create perfection. This tipping point between preparation and perfection can also be applied to my daily practice.

My daily practice serves me so much better, when I remember that it isn't about getting it perfect.

Sometimes I use my morning quiet time for processing, writing or even daydreaming. When I adapt to what I'm called to do, I open myself up to what most wants to happen in that moment.

And when we remember to bring moment-to-moment awareness throughout our day, we are choosing preparation over perfection.

You are preparing to receive all the goodness that life has to offer you.

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Wishing you many moments of goodness this week!


Posted: June 1st, 2015 by Nina No Comments