Coaching offers a place to clarify and move toward what you want for yourself, your team and your organization. It saves time and money by providing real-time learning and unbiased third-party support for the changes that you need to make individually and in collaboration with others. Our coaching programs help you gain perspective, become more aware of your strengths and opportunities, and understand your impact on others. Our coaching programs help you maximize your potential and create the best in both professional and personal relationships.

“Overall business performance was at its highest this year. We spent more time and energy focusing on team commitments and individual resources to ensure they understood their impact on the overall organization's success and the customers that would be delighted by the work we were accomplishing. Coaching with Nina was a very rewarding experience. It’s really about making myself more aware of the impact I was having on myself and others.”  – Dorothy, Director, HR Programs


“I found Nina both very supportive and consistently challenging. This is a difficult balance to strike and I really appreciated her ability to keep me focused on my target areas.”  – Field Executive, Insurance