You are dedicated to your work and your organization. You have had considerable success and get good results through people, but you long for something more. Perhaps you have been in your current role for a while, are feeling depleted or want to find more heart and meaning in your work. And you are always hungry for more effective ways to develop and motivate others and have greater influence up and across your organization.

If any of this resonates, than working with us may be right for you. If you believe:

  • Your presence as a leader is as vital to your success as your ability to execute on a strategic plan.
  • Great leadership is not about conforming to some external ideal, but is most effective when it is an authentic expression of who you are and what you value.
  • You don’t have to give everything, to give your best.

Our clients are successful and passionate about what they do, but have reached a crucial point in their career where they are ready to create success in a more sustainable, authentic way. We help successful leaders sustain high performance by identifying core values, maximizing strengths, and developing the leadership presence to have more influence with others. Clients report the following outcomes working with us:

  • Clear sense of my leadership brand;
  • New tools and ways of thinking to navigate difficult situations;
  • More courage to make tough decisions with integrity;
  • Getting out of ruts that limit my effectiveness;
  • More ease and enjoyment for what I am accomplishing;
  • Strong vision and movement toward what’s next.

How it works

Our leadership coaching is customized to meet your goals and needs and those of your organization. Coaching usually happens one-on-one or in a leadership coaching circle. All of our programs begin with assessing your strengths and identifying the focus areas for your program. Next, we complete a foundation session where we identify core values and a vision for your life and leadership. This session provides you with a new sense of what drives you and how your values may be over or underutilized in your position. Next we meet biweekly for a minimum of six months and often for up to a year.

Coaching happens both in person and over the phone. Homework is assigned between sessions to deepen and sustain what you are learning. These mutually agreed upon assignments are based on your priorities and desired outcomes. Often we identify an organizational sponsor who gives you an internal sounding board for the work you are doing in the program. The substance of all coaching conversations is confidential so the primary communication regarding the success of the coaching will come directly from you.

What you gain

Our leadership programs will help you develop the presence to have the impact you want to have in the world. You will gain perspective, become more aware of your strengths, and better understand the self-limiting beliefs or reactive patterns in your leadership. Through conversation, exploration and practice you will clarify and move toward what you want for yourself, your team and your organization. You will not only gain new capacity to navigate your organization, but the resilience and presence to create a meaningful and impactful legacy.