Are you deeply committed to one another but sometimes find yourself communicating in ineffective and unproductive ways? Do you default to being respectful and polite and step over things that are bothering you? Your intimate relationship is the foundation of your life together, so paying attention to its vitality and well being is important.  In fact, research shows that being attuned to your life partner leads to both higher levels of wellbeing and a greater sense of fulfillment in your primary relationship. Our relationship clients share a common desire – to build positivity and be more intentional about the life they are building together.

Nina's work with you begins with a two-hour foundation where you explore what's working and what's not in your ability to get the best from one another. In this session, you also clarify values and create a shared vision for your relationship.  Next Nina meets with you in person or over the phone for a series of one-hour sessions.  The focus of these sessions are based on your goals, but here are some examples of outcomes other couples have achieved through coaching:

  • new understanding of how personality affects communication;
  • clearer boundaries and a stronger sense of shared purpose;
  • new skill in navigating conflict with both candor and respect;
  • renewed sense of connection and appreciation for one another.

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