Change is a constant in today’s business environment and can leave an otherwise productive and positive team stressed and depleted. But what if change were an opportunity for growth? We believe change can be a vehicle for transformation to a higher level of performance and camaraderie if it’s addressed with foresight and care. Here’s the story of one of our team clients.

We were going through a major organizational change and people were anxious about how their jobs would change, which was having an impact on morale. Through our work with Nina Simonds Coaching, we were able to clarify our vision and align on how we wanted to work together. This accelerated our ability to move on and address the concerns of our staff. Next NSC worked with our staff and had us step into one another's shoes and understand how we were all change agents. This was empowering and built empathy and really improved morale. Our work with NSC really accelerated the change and helped us view it in a more positive way.

Our team coaching programs create clarity and motivation for change and help people work more cohesively and positively together. We give our team clients the opportunity to speak candidly with one another, design (or redesign) how they work together, and put structures in place that will help the team function at a higher level day-to-day. Team coaching will provide your team with the tools necessary to succeed.

How it works

We believe that a coach approach is the best way to engage people and create a productive and positive team environment. Our team programs usually begin with an assessment where we learn more about the current dynamics and climate on the team. This happens through a questionnaire, one-on-one interviews, or a more formal online culture survey. Next, we gather the team for a one or two-day offsite meeting where we:

– develop working agreements;

– define core values;

– and build interpersonal skills and systems awareness.

After this kick-off meeting, we meet with the team once or twice a month over the course of several months. Commitments are made in between team sessions to apply and sustain what is learned during the coaching sessions. These mutually agreed upon assignments are based on the priorities and goals set by the team.

What you gain:

Our team development programs facilitate a more positive and productive team culture. Your team will have new skills in empathy, stress management, and coaching and mentoring others. As a direct result of our work together, your team will:

  • Maximize the strengths of individual team members;
  • Leverage rather than simply tolerate diversity;
  • Communicate more productively during difficult situations;
  • Identify the reactive patterns that keep you from operating at your best;
  • Have more fun!


“Going into this experience I was concerned about team morale. Nina and her team helped turn the corner with our team from a negative way into a positive way of thinking. They got people to see the benefit of the change. Empowerment was the key.”

– Wendy, Senior VP, Marketing,
Global Food Service Company


“It’s valuable for the leadership team to have this kind of interaction on a regular basis. It makes us a stronger, more cohesive group.”

– Chris, Senior Director, Healthcare