Workshops and Retreats

Nina Simonds Coaching creates relevant, highly engaging, experiential learning events both inside organizations and for the public. Our workshops and retreats are designed based on the concepts of adult learning theory, which includes:

  • Relevant content with the opportunity to apply it;
  • Opportunities for feedback in a safe and engaging learning environment;
  • Participation in small group activities to synthesize what is learned;
  • Follow-up coaching to create accountability and follow-through.

We use a co-facilitator model to ensure a 1 to 12 ratio for training and a 1 to 4 ratio for coaching.  These experienced certified coaches have extensive experience in the Co-Active Coaching Model or Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. They are certified through the International Coach Federation and accredited in a variety of tools such as EQ in Action, Team Diagnostic, The Leadership Circle Culture Survey, the MBTI and the Enneagram. These partnerships allow us to deliver world-class training, facilitation, corporate coaching, and team building as well as design and deliver internal corporate coaching programs.

We also design our courses to appeal to a variety of personality types and learning styles (kinesthetic, visual, and auditory.)  For example, we balance large group activities with time for self-reflection, and conceptual material with more concrete examples.